Mermaids and moon magic… How will you let the mysteries of the Universe nurture and expand you today?

U-2 sings, “Nothing changes on New Years Day.” Yet, our lives are full of significant transitional and transformational moments and events. The full moon energies and eclipse offered an energetic reboot for those willing to embrace evolution. Today you may find comfort and support in the midst of conscious, loving women (with or without tails). Such support is essential as you refine your capacity for conscious creation (yes, it’s a mouthful and a handful, but you are up for it). We are becoming more intuitive, empathetic and telepathic. You may need a little solitude now and then to assimilate the new gifts.

Your mantra today, Sweet Shimmering Swimmers: “I am moon magic and mystery. My experiences are a perfect mirror for my soul growth. I shine. I love. I am.”
Oceans of love and blessings ~ Denise
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