Healing/Wholing Shamonic Reiki Oracle Blessings for October 1

Oh gosh, this one is particularly long and deep, but so much in alignment with the cosmic energies and the way we are supported now in deepest healing. My Guides want to offer all of this to you, and so it is… 

october 1

Do you sometimes cower in the face of your shadow’s power? Or are you even aware? Where do you notice the subtle mysteries of karma dancing into your experience, perhaps creating turmoil?

So close to the Equinox, a balancing of light and dark in our daily dance, we my come into awareness of the balance of light and dark within us and the way this informs our expressions.

As long as our shadow hides from our awareness, it wreaks havoc in our lives. We create complicated relationships, playgrounds for painful discoveries. We also experience barriers to accessing intuition because of our blind spots, therefore creating fine messes for ourselves and others. We erect barriers to expressing our fullest gifts and expressions of light, instead creating opportunities for keener site, clearing and healing the disowned places within.

The Law of Attractions works best when we are highly aware and attuned to our inner well-being.

Today is one for trying new approaches to personal growth and shadow work. Perhaps these ideas will stimulate your thinking. In order to clear karma, it’s important to embrace what-is in our relationships, to forgive ourselves and others, and to make amends where needed. Stop throwing negative energy arrows about, for they are truly boomerangs that hit multiple targets!

Further, it’s important to set healthy boundaries for ourselves and our behaviors so that we show up with integrity and express our Truth. Then, whatever may be, we can live with the consequences. Also, it’s mighty important to believe in ourselves and our worthiness to experience passion, love and joy.

What else would your own intuition share with you today?

Our shadows do not make us evil; instead they show us how delightfully human we are. We came here, not to be perfect or to expect others to be, but rather to learn, grow and taste contrast in this magickal land of EarthSchool, to Evolve our Spirits through our dance with the mystery, and to taste fun and freedom.

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “I embrace all of who I BE, showing up in love with myself and others, and allowing my light to be seen.”

In bliss and love, with abundant Reiki blessings from my heart to yours ~ Denise