Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for December 24

What have you been receiving in sleep and dreamtime? What deeper meanings want to be born through your unconscious mind, wiggling into your consciousness?

December 24

The season brings such a vast array of energies to dance within, and often too many or too few social events. At times we may feel Trickster’s paw or words try to trip us up.

To deepen our wisdom and allowing of abundance, dreamtime can be amongst our greatest tools for discovery of what lies beneath the surface of our lives. We can set our intentions before sleep, to open ourselves to the magic and mysteries of life, just like the children who invite Santa’s magic to come.

May your remaining holiday season be filled with joy and also bring you enduring peace, love, and abundance all through the new year.

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “I am magic and mystery. Deeper wisdom and healing are always available to me. I am a Beautiful Dreamer, dreaming a new world into BEing.”

In bliss and love, with abundant Reiki blessings from my heart to yours ~ Denise