ZenNews, May 8

Welcome to the first Zen Newsletter. This is one of the ways that we communicate to our friends, clients, and associates. Here is where you will find out what classes and workshops we have coming up, what projects we may be working on, and some of the things that we can offer to help you succeed in the life that you are creating. We hope you will take some time and look through this newsletter. We are giving a short message for each of our divisions of Zen, and also adding a link to our calendar which has our events but also our community events that you might find interesting. We are also including links to some of the blogs that we have written over the past couple of weeks.


There has been so much going on in the world of ZenSpirit. We had an amazing time at Earth Day, sharing the gift of Reiki to anyone who was curious. Sarah and Robin shared their gifts freely with so much care and compassion. There are many Reiki classes coming up, as well as Reiki clinic on rotating Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to check our calendar for details. We will once again be offering Retrouvailles, a guided meditation with the power of essential oils.

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PhotoZen has been very busy focusing on the growing arts movement in Reno. We have added blogs talking about the experiences that we have as we enjoy the arts that are offered to our community.

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ZenMedia has been working with several wonderful clients on websites and social media marketing. We have been working on adding classes and workshops to teach local business owners the best practices, tips and tricks, for creating your online presence.

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The story of a weird green vegetable that seems to be getting a lot of play.


Are you tired of hearing about kale this and kale that? Kale is so good for you… Eat more kale… Blah blah blah. Then you probably won’t want to read this post. See you later! Come back next month! Now, for stalwart kale fans, lovers of weird green vegetables, and fence-sitters alike, I present the goods.

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Star Wars Shakespeare Parody

When was the last time you sang- along with the audience, and laughed so much your face hurt?

Do you know what Midi-chlorians are?


Last night I experienced the Star Wars Shakespeare Live Parody Show at Good Luck Macbeth presented by the Merry War Theater Group. This is a short run, one weekend only and only 6 shows.

This is one of those shows that the actors are having so much fun that it is contagious and they bring that fun right out into the audience. The audience even gets to participate in the show, being storm troopers, expressing the force, and even for a…

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