Oracle Blessings for the Week of April 21 through 25

April 21 to 25

What will fuel you this week?

The week begins with rejoicing and connection to source, looking to that higher vibration that brings feelings of joy. This is the place for you to refuel your spirit..

Mid-week brings a deeper communication and understanding of the words that are shared. This is a great time for you to listen deeper to others and listen to yourself as well..

The week closes with wise council from one respected, these words are out of character for them and hold much weight. Acknowledge their gift and offer your respect..

What is hidden.. Be very aware of what you eat and what you drink, but more importantly this week be aware of the company you keep..

What will be revealed.. Karma comes into play as you examine your own responsibility for what has happened. There is no blame but Karma may bite this week..

A Mantra to start your week:
“This week I fly. This week I listen. This is the week I refuel my spirit”

Be well my friends