last week of april   Five short days.. what could happen? Do you have a favorite day of the work week?   Positive attitudes bring positive experiences as the week begins. For every smile you give you will receive the energy of a smile in return. How will you consciously create your experience through your energetic expressions? Conflict and inner struggles emerge as the energies of mid-week. It will be your choice to engage or not. Will you step into conflict or utilize your well-earned wisdom to choose a higher path? Resisting the natural flow of events by week’s end can bring a halt to the good vibes you’ve cultivated this week. The temptation to be stubborn will be strong, but will not serve you or anyone else..   This week is a great time to cleanse and purify your body and environment, perhaps to clean up your work space as well. The results of this may not become apparent immediately, but the improved clarity will be felt for some time to come..   What has yet to be revealed is that when you teach what you know and do what you teach, your talents will expand tenfold. How will this come to light for you this week?   A Mantra for your five days of toil: “Working in a coal mine, going down, down, down.” Wait …that’s the song on the radio, let’s try this again… “With clean desk and keen mind, I work skillfully and create brilliance”   Blessings for a week well spent ~Dana and Denise~ #tarot #daily #oracle