About Dana

Through ZenSpirit, Dana Nöllsch offers Reiki, Tarot, and Guided Meditations to assist clients in discovering a deeper sense of their spiritual gifts and journey, experiencing more peace and tranquility, and achieving physical healing transformation.  Dana comes from an engineering background, but has always nurtured his creative and metaphysical aspects. He founded PhotoZen in 2001, and has since become a successful entrepreneur. He began to explore energy healing modalities in the early 90’s, and began more formalized studies in Reiki through the Reiki Master level in 2013. Consistently, Dana’s work helps others to heal and to shine. In still-life photography, the subject is able to see the Self as beautiful soul and essence captured in that moment. Through spiritual offerings, Dana’s ZenSpirit work allows the receiver – not only to experience the essence – but to further grow that into the light through expert, intuitive support.