Author: Dana Nöllsch

Oracle Blessings, May 7

Where do your talents lie? What is it that is holding you back from achieving your potential? This morning I pull three cards from The Power Deck, asking the questions what it is, and what will it be in the

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Oracle Blessings, May 5

Are you ready to open your eyes and see your role in a dynamic situation? Can you let go of fear and ego to see reality? This morning I draw a single card from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle. This card

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Oracle Blessings, May 2

Are you feeling your strength today? Are you allowing your heart to open? Today is about walking in your own strength. This is a perfect time to let go of your small ego, embracing where your heart wishes to travel,

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Star Wars Shakespeare Parody

When was the last time you sang- along with the audience, and laughed so much your face hurt? Do you know what Midi-chlorians are? Last night I experienced the Star Wars Shakespeare Live Parody Show at Good Luck Macbeth presented by the

Earth Day 2015

This past weekend we enjoyed an iconic event here in Reno that marks the start of our Summer celebration. This was Earth Day, and for quite a number of years, this has been the day people come out of hibernation,

Oracle Blessing, April 29

What is it that you want? When the opportunity is offered to you will your eyes be open? This morning I draw three cards. I was only intending to draw one but my guides made it clear that there were

A night at Brüka Theatre – Wonder of the World

It’s Friday night, Downtown Reno. And I am looking for a bit of entertainment. Indeed, most Friday nights there are many choices for entertainment in this town. This Friday night I have chosen to go to Brüka Theater and see

Oracle blessings, April 24

Are you wishing to be seen? Do you feel the compulsion to connect with another? This morning I open to the cards to see what this day may be. I am using the Medicine Cards and the Voyager Tarot to

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Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company- Venus in Fur

Last night I saw the production of Venus in Fur at Good Luck Macbeth. This was actually the second time I have seen this production, the first time was on media night, when I had the pleasure of taking many

Oracle Blessings, April 17

When was the last time you walked barefoot in the sand? Do you remember the feeling? This morning I pull the turtle card from the Medicine Cards. The turtle speaks to us of mother Earth and connecting with her. The

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