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Oracle Blessings for March 10th

March 10


What is it you want in this life?

What have you done to achieve that goal?

What will you do today to bring that goal closer to your heart?

These are the big questions. Many of us do not have the answers and those answers are often very illusive. Write down your answers to these three questions, and then write down another answer to the same question, do this five times for each question and be ready to adjust what you thought your life would hold as your answers may open doors and new ways of thinking..

Be balanced as you walk your path today, you will have energy pushing and unseen hands pulling you testing your resolve. Look to your feminine energy to be steadfast in each step you take. Take notice of the feminine energy with you as you walk your path today as well, this energy offers a gift as long as you can pass the test..

I propose this mantra Beloveds: “As a tightrope walker I test each step I take today, finding balance before I pledge my weight”

With love and joy



March 8


One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca
What role do your friends play in your life?

What role do you play in their lives?

Think back to a time of sacrifice and sorrow. How did your friendships come to help you through that rough time? Sharing energy in times of stress is a big part of a balanced community. Remember how it feels to be supported and nurtured unconditionally..

There is a friend in need and it is for you to lend support today. Bring his friend comfort and whisper wise council. As you connect with them let go of judgment and critical thinking, offer only joy and love unconditionally..

Your mantra for this Magical Day my friends: “Today I nurture and today I protect. I offer my energy freely and with the love in my heart for all who are in my life”






March 6


Today’s “Oracle of Divination” is dedicated to all the wonderful e-Women who gathered at Christine, Ink at the Second Street Offices in Midtown last night. Thank you all for joining us for the party and thank you too for your entrepreneurial spirits that bring so much vibrancy to our community. And now for the reading…

What do you see at the cross roads?

How do your feet feel under you as you take the next step?

Are you the Hunter or the Nurturer?

In your life and business, you are at a choice point. The Hunter is fully prepared to play big, to earn the game, to celebrate victory. The Nurturer tends to the foundation, preparing the way for a burst of growth yet to be. Are you strong enough to build, to be bold, in this moment? Or if you apply boldness, might the tower of life come crumbling down upon you as you taste your wine? The answers you seek for your next step lie just within grasp right now, if you are prepared to enter stillness and to hear the quiet voice of consciousness.

Your mantra today, Beautiful Innovators: “Today I embrace stillness, honor my insight, and enjoy the divine dance of creation.”

With love and honoring ~ Denise & Dana

Oracle blessings for March 5th 2014

March 5

Are you feeling your empowerment?

What remains in the way of you living your ultimate Truth?

The Universe conspires to heal and whole your essence. Are you willing to embrace your own full-Spirit? Today is one for releasing your stories, or at least transmuting those that still cause you pain or discomfort. The treasures of your soul long to escape their captivity, to express fully in glory and grace. There’s nothing short of complete rebirth at stake here. Are you ready?

You may notice synchronicities today that serve as blessings and opportunities. Your spirit guides and angels serve you this day, as always, by letting you know how aligned you are with the flow of the Universe, and how deserving you are of a Golden Future.

Your mantra today, Delightful Soul Journeyers: “As I ready myself for what will be, I see the tapestry, a weave of where I came from, where I am, and where I am going ~ a weaver of wonder. I celebrate all that I BE.”

With endless adoration, Beloveds ~ Denise & Dana

Oracle of Divination daily draw for March 4th 2014

March 4

What is abundance to you?

How will you know when you have it?

Does money equal abundance? This is a haunting question for so many. Ask yourself this question today and really listen to your answer..

Source offers all you need and it is for you to ask today, open your eyes to see what you perceive you want, go deeper in your vision. But if you try too hard to see you may lose your voice to speak..

Connect to the earth today, take a walk and feel your creativity flowing in your veins. Here your eyes may open in ways long forgotten. Be aware of the anger this day will offer you as well. This anger will distract you from connection to the earth and opening your eyes as you walk. Ask yourself where that anger is coming from..

In your heart the exhaustion you feel is temporary but feels so powerful. Be kind to yourself and nurture your heart with love..

What you feel as unfair will open to unexpected revelations. This is a gift but you may not see it that way at first glance..

I offer you this mantra with love and joy:

“I am offered the abundance I need as long as my eyes are open to see. There is creativity in the steps I take as I walk opening my eyes even wider to the joy this life offers”



Oracle of Divination draw for the week of March 3rd through March 10th

March 3

Have you felt like an outsider?

Do you want to be part of the “In” crowd?

This week promises to be one of blending in. Feeling the joy of working and sharing the energy of the group will bring you much joy and feelings of accomplishment.  This collaboration will be the focus of your week if you choose it to be, there is a strong calling for this as there will be lessons to be learned..

Start this week by looking at where you could use some help with a project or with your feelings. Help is just a whisper away..

The week will end with the opportunity to take a chance, a leap of faith. Taking this chance will lead to the feeling of being restricted and held down. This opportunity is one of great energy drawing you in and perhaps taking control of your decision. Be discerning in the choice you make..

A mantra for you this day to consider beloveds:

“I walk this week with my friends by my side, becoming one in form and function”