Oracle Blessings, June 21

Where has loyalty found you?

How have you offered loyalty?

June 21 2015

Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This invites us to wake up and see things clearly as the sun will shine upon us with generosity and joy.

In the week to come it is for us to be open to and explore the concept of loyalty; the loyalty we offer and the loyalty that we freely accept.

The path calls for blending; the blending of body, mind and spirit as well as offering energy to the tribe and keeping energy for oneself.

The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.

~Zig Ziglar~

Ultimately, there are many lessons to be learned in the week to come as long as you keep listening and keep your eyes open.

What will be revealed is the importance of gratitude and ceremony when it comes to your connection with nature. Celebrate the sun as she shines her gifts upon you, and celebrate yourself as you enjoy the gifts that are offered and the gifts that you share.

There is time for rest and there’s time for work and during the week to come rest and contemplation become necessary.

I offer today’s mantra as freely as the sun shines upon us:

I dance in her light

She never fails

Loyal every day

Showing an example

For us to emulate

~Dana Nöllsch~


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Oracle Blessings, June 11

Do shadows bring darkness?

June 11 2015

There is a time of darkness on the way, revealing shadows. This may seem counterintuitive. Read more ›

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ZenNews, June 2

In this newsletter we will talk about the classes and gatherings offered by ZenSpirit in the coming month, also touching on the burst of creativity at PhotoZen. Sarah is offering some thoughts on asparagus. And we look into the theater boom in Reno and what that may mean to our city.

IMG_2543 Read more ›

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Oracle Blessings, May 25

Are you ready to take decisive action?
You do know that the time is now, don’t you?

May 25 2015
In the center of the cards is antelope; and antelope offers wise words calling to swift action. Read more ›

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ZenNews, May 19

Welcome to the Zen Group newsletter for May 19 2015.

As I look outside this morning and see the rain and clouds offering us much needed water; I am thankful for all the gifts that Mother Nature provides. Connecting to the earth and nature’s cycles are such a part of a balanced and healthy life A few days ago was the new Moon, a great time to let go, and now the moon is waxing. The waxing moon is a great time to draw things in, create what it is calling to you from your heart and soul.


What is it that you would like to create?

Read more ›

Badges of honor.. Anchor or Propeller

How do you identify yourself?

How does your perceived identity affect the way you live your life?



 What is a badge of honor?

Read more ›

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Oracle Blessings, May 17

Has your loyalty been tested?

Have you seen an example of loyalty to the bitter end?

May 17 2014

This morning I am using two Oracle decks and asked the question; what will next week offer?  The decks I use are the Medicine Cards and the Tao Oracle.

The question of loyalty comes up in the cards.

How have you been loyal to your friends?

Do you expect loyalty from your friends?

Read more ›

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Oracle Blessings, May 13

Do you feel grounded?

Have you felt distress when you connect with the earth?

May 13 2015

This morning I connect with the Sacred World Oracle, perhaps the cards will offer some wisdom and insight. Read more ›

Oracle Blessing, May 9

Are you watching someone sacrifice what is important to them; for you?

Can you step back and see the bigger picture?

May 9 2015

I call on the Transformational Tarot this morning to glean insights on the weekend to come. Read more ›

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ZenNews, May 8

Welcome to the first Zen Newsletter. This is one of the ways that we communicate to our friends, clients, and associates. Here is where you will find out what classes and workshops we have coming up, what projects we may be working on, and some of the things that we can offer to help you succeed in the life that you are creating. We hope you will take some time and look through this newsletter. We are giving a short message for each of our divisions of Zen, and also adding a link to our calendar which has our events but also our community events that you might find interesting. We are also including links to some of the blogs that we have written over the past couple of weeks.

  Read more ›