Business Oracle, December 1

Has anger and disappointment brought you to the brink of exasperation?

December 1

These emotions are normal and in many ways they can be healthy. Suppressing these emotions may in time destroy us from the inside, finding a way to vent these feelings and emotions in a productive manner will help us in staying balanced. Being aware of how we act on these emotions will serve us well during the week to come. How we act on our emotions of anger and disappointment may indeed put our security at risk as well as our ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

In all situations, this week keep your head calm and do not act without thinking first.

Any person capable of angering you becomes your master


By the end of the week you may see an opportunity arising. This opportunity should not be ignored no matter how you feel about it when it is presented to you. Indeed, fate is reaching out its hands and offering your next adventure.

With open hands and accepting heart, I offer you today’s mantra:

My emotions run strong

My head stays cool

With intellect and discernment, I choose my reaction

Honoring my emotions and honoring my head

~Dana Nöllsch~