Business Oracle, December 8

Are you open to growth?

Are you satisfied with things just the way they are?

December 8

There are times when growth for growth’s sake will not serve in the long run. Moving forward does not always mean expansion; there are times when it means perfecting what it is that you already have created.

How can you bring a deeper level of perfection into what you have created?

The key element on the path that this week will offer; is looking at what you have created with Eye of Truth. Allow your filters to be turned off, and looking at things from a truth standpoint, not how you would like things to be but how they truly are in a very stark in a realistic manner. Coming back to your heart and why you do what you do, remember that you are driven by what your heart is feeling and if you find yourself off the path of where your heart is calling you to go perhaps it is time to find your true path again. Doing this work, looking at what you’ve created and examining it with the Eye of Truth, will give you the opportunity to clean things up and prepare for what it is that you will be creating next. In the weeks to come these revelations that you will be offered are not yet meant to be shared, keep things to yourself for a while until you are ready to make the changes.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens

~Carl Jung~

There are things that are coming together in ways that you cannot see yet, this synchronicity will be very important in the near future. With all of this there will be very deliberate and conscious actions for you to take as all of these elements come together.

With a clear vision I offer you today’s mantra:

I examine what it is that I have created

With appreciation of the beauty that lies there

Knowing that perfection may be only a moment away

~Dana Nöllsch~