Business Oracle, March 16

How important is teamwork to the success of what you are creating?

March 15 2015

Today we consult the cards in regards to business in the week to come. The cards we are using today are the Dark Grimoire Tarot and the Shamans Dream Oracle.

Teamwork and cooperation may be a bit difficult during the week to come, but persevere and there will be rewards waiting. The key is to make A solid plan, knowing that ultimately this is your plan, but don’t forget to allow others to participate.

In union there is strength.

You may be surprised how all the various elements come together seamlessly as long as you allow others to have ownership as well.

This week may prove to have its fair share of frustrations, but the results will be worth the work and challenges.

With my guides and angels whispering in my ear I offer today’s mantra;

My ideas will flourish

With the help of my friends

They will blossom

~Dana Nöllsch~