Business Oracle, March 9

Can you feel the change in the air?

Are you resisting this change for reasons you do not understand?

March 9 2015

Today we look at the week ahead in regards to business endeavors. The message that we receive is not only for those who own a business, but for anyone who works within an organization and creates something with the cooperation of others. We are using a combination of two decks, the Dark Grimoir Tarot and the Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot.

There is a change in the air that is a very palatable and evident. But there is also a resistance. This resistance comes from the shadows and the demons that are being unearthed as the change happens. This is a process and should be embraced. As you fall into the changes in what you do and how you think be aware of what it is that makes you uncomfortable, this is for you to examine and learn from and these are the stepping stones that may lead you  closer to your full potential.

In the week to come, be sure to take care of internal matters. Organize and clean, make things presentable for those who come to you. In doing this you may discover some surprising elements to let go of. With this reorganization, cleaning and purging you will create purity to attract focused thoughts and actions.

Look to your guides and angels, and perhaps to those in your inner circle who offer wise counsel. This is certainly the time to address the needy elements in what it is that you have created. Nurture your creations and with that nurturing will ultimately bring you a deeper resolve in your heart.

This is the time to truly contemplate what it is that you are creating. There is a rhythm of expansion and contraction and everything around us, and this is a time that may feel like contraction for it is time to go deep into contemplation. Indeed, this is more of an expansion time than you realize, just quietly so. In this space patience will surely be rewarded, waiting for the time when the rhythm is right to dance with what it is you are creating.

All this may bring thoughts of hard times to come. It may be true that there will be some challenges right around the corner, but remember that you are guided by your own intellect and buy your guides and angels as well. Even when things get ugly and destruction looks like it cannot be avoided, remember to go to those gifts that you’ve been given and listen to your guides and angels and draw on your own intelligence and experience.

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings

~Kakuzo Okakaura~

What is hidden is how others are clawing out what it is you’ve created. There is certainly a vulnerability there, and with teamwork, planning, and foresight these weaknesses will be made visible and the opportunity to strengthen your creation will be at hand.

Ultimately by the end of the week it will become apparent of where you have painted yourself into a corner. This feeling of being trapped will only be accentuated if all you can think of is how you have done things in the past. With all of the skills and knowledge that of come to you now is the time to think and create differently than ever before. There will be no hurry in this change, but there certainly is no time to avoid the inevitable.

Deep in quiet contemplation I offer you this mantra:

I gaze upon the space that I am in

What is it that I have created?

Why is it that I feel trapped?

I gaze upon the space that I am in

I see is a river of change

I feel the beauty of innovation

I gaze upon the place to which I am going

I see the challenge

I feel my strength

~Dana Nöllsch~