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Star Wars Shakespeare Parody

When was the last time you sang- along with the audience, and laughed so much your face hurt?

Do you know what Midi-chlorians are?


Last night I experienced the Star Wars Shakespeare Live Parody Show at Good Luck Macbeth presented by the Merry War Theater Group. This is a short run, one weekend only and only 6 shows.

This is one of those shows that the actors are having so much fun that it is contagious and they bring that fun right out into the audience. The audience even gets to participate in the show, being Continue reading Star Wars Shakespeare Parody

Earth Day 2015

This past weekend we enjoyed an iconic event here in Reno that marks the start of our Summer celebration.


This was Earth Day, and for quite a number of years, this has been the day people come out of hibernation,  enjoy some time in the park with friends and celebrate the beginning of a new Summer.


Many booths with people discussing conservation, health, and ways to make the world we live in better; is perhaps the root of the celebration. I would like to believe that the root of this celebration  is still  strong within the intention of the heart. But this has morphed into so much more than just a place to open our eyes about the world around us. Music, dance, yoga, food, and so much more is offered at Reno’s Earth Day Celebration.


As I walked and took in the spectacle I was struck by how many people came out to enjoy this day. I heard one estimate of over 20,000 people came this year. I find it quite amazing that many people come out to celebrate with each other and turn their attention toward the beginning of Summer. Of course this amount of people causes a bit of a parking issue, an alternative to driving is riding your bicycle. Riding your bicycle makes sense and they have created a safe place to put your bike once you get to the celebration.


One of the places I enjoyed was that area set aside for art, including a place for interactive art, where the participants can create their own art with everyone else beside them doing the same.


Child Painting

There were also many places for the children to enjoy hands-on experiences.

Climbing walllizardsand

And there were many choices of food being offered, many healthy and creative choices this year seemed to please the people who came.

food truck

I am always thankful when Earth Day comes, knowing it is a chance to catch up with my friends and make new friends as well. I also seem to walk away every year learning something new.

Did you experience Earth Day this year?

What did you walk away with?

~Dana Nöllsch~


A night at Brüka Theatre – Wonder of the World

It’s Friday night, Downtown Reno. And I am looking for a bit of entertainment.


Indeed, most Friday nights there are many choices for entertainment in this town. This Friday night I have chosen to go to Brüka Theater and see the play that is currently running, Wonder of the World, as I walk from the parking lot to the theater there is much activity, people going here and there; looking for places to be entertained, and nourished. The theater is located right next to the Truckee River on the ground floor and basement of an old Masonic Building. As you enter you are greeted by the box office person who checks off your name gives you the piece of paper with your name on it and send you to the person who will seat you, tonight that person is none other than the director of the play herself. The theater is nice sized and intimate black box theater with plenty of comfortable couches to sink into and cuddle with your date if you have one. This is such a comfortable environment to be entertained in, always seeing friends to connect with before the show. This is a family, the actors and support staff are approachable and friendly, the patrons are loyal and always up for a good conversation. Downstairs is Nicky’s, a wonderful place to get a drink or two as you prepare to enjoy the play. As everyone settles in, shuts off their phones, and gets comfortable on the couches the director comes out and introduces the play.



Tonight we enjoyed wonder of the world. This is the story of two women’s journey to Niagara Falls. Wonderfully acted by Sophie Moeller, Jason Walter, Mary Bennett, Kathy Welch, Michael Peters, Matt Biondi, Kate Atack and directed by Stacy Johnson. This is an engaging and funny story of love, disappointment, and adventure with some friendship thrown in just to spice things up, oh! There is a clown as well. In this comfortable setting this well acted and very well produced play was very enjoyable.


The theater was founded in 1992 and specializes in classic, contemporary, musical, original, and theater for children. For all of these years they have consistently produced solid productions and from time to time push the boundary or two as well. During Art Town in July this year they will be offering a production of the Full Monty, and this promises to be quite revealing. (Did I really type that out loud?)

Dana Nöllsch


For further information on the theaters upcoming productions here is a link to their website.


Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company- Venus in Fur


Last night I saw the production of Venus in Fur at Good Luck Macbeth. This was actually the second time I have seen this production, the first time was on media night, when I had the pleasure of taking many wonderful photos of the production and the actors and the energy that they brought to the play. Last night, however I just went to enjoy an experience without taking photos. Of course I found the play quite a bit more polished as the first time I saw it was actually the last dress rehearsal. What struck me most was Ashley Marie James’s Energy and vibrancy in the role of Vanda, I have seen her in many roles over the years and indeed she is coming into a space of finding her voice and owning her roles with such passion and power. Acting alongside Micheal Dewayne; who is playing the role of Thomas Novachek; the writer-director of a new play that is being cast. These two actors bring dynamic energy to a twisty plot that is fun and sexy and also quite thought-provoking. Examining the role of man and woman in a classic and sexy power-play expressed so vividly without filters. The interplay of these two actors is quite something to experience, and I do mean experience, in this intimate venue I felt their emotions as they guided me through this story of passion and control. Joe Atack brings smoothness to the buildup with his direction that feels natural and unforced.  I do recommend if you have a chance to see Venus in Fur this weekend that you see it as this weekend will be your last chance to see this run of the show.

If you haven’t been to Good Luck Macbeth you should find time to stop by and see one of the productions that they offer. Good Luck Macbeth is a small black box style theater and is very intimate; run by people who are very passionate about what they are creating. This is a place where passion for entertaining lives, every element; from lighting to sets to scripts to casting and directing come together to bring the actors to the audience.

Good Luck Macbeth is fast becoming a staple of the Midtown district.

Here is a link to find out more about the plays that are coming up and other offerings from Good Luck Macbeth Theater Company.