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Business Oracle, November 10

Can you embrace the child within you?

Playing without a care, trusting that all will be well?

November 10

Evolution at times is easy, as long as that evolution is allowed to come as naturally as child’s play. Freely accepting what is offered with the heart and openness of your own inner child will serve what is created in the week to come. Play-time and Work-time can often be the same time.

It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects.

Nikola Tesla

It may seem that you are faced with limitations this week; this is something to look at deeper and not to just cast aside because those limitations seem overwhelming. The week ahead offers much evolution in what it is that you do, and knowing that anything is possible as long as you maintain that childhood innocence without the limiting beliefs that you have learned the doors will open to new ways of being. Indeed a huge leap forward is possible this week as long as that Leap is taken with the faith and innocence of your own inner child.

As a child lost and play I offer you the mantra of the day:

Work and play are one in the same

I dance and I sing with Joy of a child’s heart

As I work and create and play this day

~Dana Nöllsch~

Business Oracle, November 3

When was the last time that you made the ordinary extraordinary?

November 3

Creativity is in the air for the next few days. Allowing that creative energy to fuel the unorthodox perspective that calls will serve well. This may also fuel emotion, there are times in business when we feel emotions do not serve, this is not one of those times, allow your emotions to guide this week.

In my 35 years in business I have always trusted my emotions. I have always believed that by touching emotion you get the best people to work with you, the best clients to inspire you, the best partners and most devoted customers.

Kevin Roberts 

In the week to come there may be a feeling of being off-balance and perhaps precariously perched, look deeper at the root cause, allow your heart to whisper wise counsel in finding that root cause of those off-balance feelings. The desire to create may overtake the wisdom held in one’s hands, but remember to fall back on lessons learned from the past and be aware of the abundance that is offered. One word of caution; if you’re reach outweighs your grasp there may be much to lose.

With the flare of an artist I offer you this mantra:

I make the ordinary extraordinary

Adding emotions onto my palate

Offering a colorful image

For all to see

~Dana Nöllsch~


Business Oracle, October 27

Are you ready for a time of smooth sailing, peace, and prosperity?

October 27


Passion for what you do will lead you to a place of abundance, perhaps not monetarily, but abundance and satisfaction for what you do. This sounds really good, but you will also be asked to sacrifice something that is deep in your heart, and confess a wrong doing. All of this leads you to a place of brilliant business decisions. Your business mind will be very acute and you will be able to see clearly the wise choices that call to be made.

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Tony Robbins

Even with this there will be shifts and changes, be discerning when it comes to changes offered by a feminine energy at this time. This feminine energy that offers insight and help may have an agenda of their own, be sure that they’re true agenda matches yours.

In this time of good cheer, I offer you this mantra:

I breathe easy today

Knowing that things will go my way

It is as simple as that.

~Dana Nöllsch`

Business Oracle, October 13

Do you know who you are?

This is a question often asked, and perhaps is it rarely understood?

October 13

Who we are in business and in our personal lives is continually changing and shifting. This week the cards are telling the tale of an intense shift in who we perceive ourselves to be and what others perceive us to represent.

Are you prepared to be something different than you ever have been?

This is all very positive. With this change comes the opportunity to draw in new elements of what you do and let go of what may no longer feel right. This is not the time to hold onto things just because your heart is used to having them around. Nurture the new that you create and embrace what is offered freely. Keep your mind grounded in reality, this is not the time for flights of fancy, but it is time to use your intellect and experience to choose wisely what it is you let go and what it is you bring in, creating your new vision.

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

Joel A. Barker

As everything that you have known shifts and changes, and you look in the mirror not recognizing what is reflected back, the opportunity to build new is offered. The difficult part is tearing down the old before building the new; this is where your strength and perseverance come into play. You are most definitely capable of the challenges ahead of you.

I offer you this mantra:

Ever shifting and changing

Dramatic and frustrating

This is the time to tear down and let go of what has been part of everyday.

Knowing that what will be built to replace all that was

Will bring brilliance and joy to all that will be

Business Oracle, October 6

Are you a risk taker?

October 6

The vision you see of the future may make little sense in this moment, divine inspiration seldom dose. Let go of what convention tells you to do and embrace what you are feeling in your heart, you may find that leverage point to change your View of what is possible.

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~

As you take this part of the journey be aware of those around you who wish to exert control and influence over your choices. At this time ego is not your friend, the ego of others to influence and control your actions and your own ego to show everyone else that you are right. The inspiration that you feel will stand on its own without the intervention of the ego.

Humbly I offer you this brilliant mantra:

I create with divine inspiration

Allowing for a moment what calls me to become obsession

Knowing the risk that I take

And inviting the rewards of blazing a new trail

~Dana Nöllsch~

Business Oracle, September 29

How are your connections serving you?

How are you serving your connections?

september 29

The connections you make in your day-to-day business is the lifeblood that feeds every part of what you create.

“Do stuff, be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.”
~ Susan Sontag~

There may be an epiphany in the week to come; this may have to do with judgment. Looking beyond the superficial, and deeper into the heart of the matter, will bring a new appreciation for the situation. Slowing down and only taking enough, leaving some for those who have supported and honored this journey will serve this week.

I offer this mantra to start the week:

Lifeblood flows in what I create

My heart beating with inspiration

I embrace my drive to be more

~Dana Nöllsch~



Oracle on Business September 22

When it comes to business, what is it that makes you courageous?

september 22

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Being courageous in business will at times bring in the feelings of conflict. These are the times to call in the explorer part of who we are as evolutionary entrepreneurs. There are very powerful lessons to be learned in feeling conflicted, this week coming up is the time to embrace those lessons. Continue reading Oracle on Business September 22

Oracle on Business September 8

In this time of transition what questions do you possess that are awaiting answers?

september 8

There is much Fertility surrounding you. With this the opportunities are strong this coming week. The friendships that have been built may indeed be opportunities to open doors that may have been too heavy to be opened alone.

How do you nurture the friendships that bring abundance to all?

This week does call for getting the hands dirty, do not wait for someone else to create; it is for you to jump in and do the work. Your confidence will show as you use your hands in creating the next great thing.

“Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work”

~Jack Nicklaus~

What is hidden this week is the pure potential for success. There is no reason to hold back as you create with the confidence that can only come from being true to yourself.

How much do you give to those who only take?

This week is not all glowing and happy, there may come to light a betrayal. Truthfully, this may be more of a blow to the ego than making a true impact to the bottom line. It is prudent to let this one go and move on.

Today I offer this creative Mantra:

The future is mine to create

Drawing the plans

Shaping the wood

Building the boat

And sailing the sea

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle on Business September 1

Have you received what you feel is due?

September 1

This week your head may be in the clouds, be careful not to let your quest for more, color your kind words and honorable actions.

In truth you may not be entitled to receive anything. All that is coming to you must be earned. Relationships come into play; there is a true friendship on the way that promises to serve both of you very well.

What it is that you truly desire is waiting to be served, but again what is waiting must be earned, this week there are no gifts.

Hidden is how much is truly necessary. Just enough and you can run free and swift, too much and it’s only baggage slowing you down.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

~ Albert Einstein~

What is yet to be revealed is who or what you truly serve.

Have you created a monster taking more than giving?

This is the time to honor and nurture the business you have created allowing growth in a healthy way, knowing that perfect balance that frees your soul.

As I honor what I have created, I offer you this mantra:

I feel the beautiful balance

Of abundance and freedom

The bags I carry

Are not too heavy

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle on Business August 25

What face do you show to those who come to you?

What is seen when people walk through your door?

August 25

This is a good time to be aware of your reputation. Take some time and solitude to contemplate how you wish to be seen. Follow your heart as to how you will show up to those around you. Your reputation will be earned by swift decisive moves.

“By the time you have open the door your reputation has already entered the room”

~Dana Nöllsch~


You may feel the calling to disassemble much of what you have created only to reassemble it in the manner in which you choose. When you choose this path be prepared for the fallout to come.


Hear the words of this mantra even before they are spoken:

I invite words to be spoken

Of the deeds that I do

With honest transparency

I create and serve

~Dana Nöllsch~