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June 9

Do you feel that you are set in your ways?

Does the thought of change bring you to conflict?

 Conflict comes in many guises, the smiling man with the out stretched hand and much more behind his back, your own inner demons whispering doubt and sorrow, and at times the violence of one on one confrontation..


As the workweek starts be aware of treachery. There may be another with desires to covet what they perceive is yours. Shining bright, share your light but remember that you are your own light not to be diminished by another’s desires..


The path ahead promises conflict but in your heart there is a desire for celebration. The conflict that arises can be easily squelched and replaced with celebration, if that is your choice..


There’s an opportunity to change the way you do things in a radical manner. In this change look to someone who is tireless and motivated to serve. This relationship will be beneficial to all concerned as long as there is radical transparency and brilliant communication..

Can you make that change today as easily as taking your next breath?

This is especially a  good time to be open to wise counsel from someone who knows. Be aware of your own feelings of entitlement, these feelings will definitely not serve you in this moment. Be a sponge with all that is offered with respect and honor the wisdom at your doorstep..


A Mantra for today;

“I celebrate the challenge

I step into the conflict

I listen with an open mind

I dance in celebration”


Shining my light




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June 4


Why are you resisting the bigger you?


Is there fear of losing who you are in this moment if you embrace the bigger you to come?



The conflict and tendency to second guess and punish oneself for the hard decisions when moving forward; at times will stop that forward momentum. When strong in your resolve and sure of your motivation the conflict dissipates and then one own ones the choices with integrity..


“There is no need to let the discomfort of transformation stop your forward progression”


Showing yourself in your best light will certainly serve your higher calling. You are brilliant and what you create is beautiful, it is time to let others see what you have to offer them. Being visible and transparent will serve your path today..


Have you felt the isolation of being alone in the vision of “Bigger”?

Gather your team; allow your team the buy-in and ownership for the growth you feel coming. Share that vision with all you encounter today..



A Mantra to start your day:

“I am embracing my bigger self

I am more than I could have ever imagined

I will show all who wish to see the bigger me”


Wishing you abundance this day



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May 30

Are you feeling confident today?

What does confidence feel like?


The air of confidence comes from inside and shines on the outside. Confidence may not be knowing that you will be triumphant but having the assuredness that you have the abilities to succeed if that calls to you..

Passionate words may get in the way today. Taking a Step back before speaking and seeing from an outsiders point of view may serve this day well..

 “The darkness that the heart feels need not be on display”


What may not be apparent is that this is a great time for a change, re-branding in some small way. Even though small this change may trigger abundance in ways you could never have imagined..

How is your confidence shining for all to see?

I offer this mantra for you knowing that your light is bright;

 “I know my strength, I know my weakness, I let both shine and light my way”


Inviting all to see the confidence that shines





May 29


Who is it that are you truly fighting with?

Does this conflict really serve you?

Conflict comes in many forms, the outward conflict with another that may lead to violence, or the InWord conflict with yourself that may lead to a deeper destruction..

Energy of this day may lend itself to conflict but there is a deeper meaning to this energy. Follow the path of nurturing letting your heart be playful and being aware of the times that you are cruel to yourself in your own head..

What is hidden is that this is the perfect time to seek out the help of a professional someone who may assist you with that project that you are struggling with.

What is yet to be revealed is what it that there is a debit owed to another, recognition for services rendered..


I offer this peaceful mantra for you today;

“Even in the adult world I find space and time for my own inner child. Today I play. Today I work. Today I live.”


Bouncing the ball off the wall





May 28


What are you afraid of?

Is fear stopping you or is fear driving you?


Fear serves a purpose that purpose is to keep us safe, but there are times when we are compelled to move beyond the fear. In our work and business lives this compulsion may serve us at times. As entrepreneurs this compulsion drives us to move beyond what was thought possible.


Can your fear be a tool in creating the abundance you seek?


New ideas are just around the bend as we walk our path but there may be a reluctance to take that next step. If the choice is to take that step into new creativity; those ideas will shine bright and perhaps even take on a life of their own. Be aware of balance, temper the power needed to forge your creation with the delicate hand of an artist to perceive the details.


A mantra for your work day;

“I feel the fear as I create what calls to me. The fear brings awareness but does not halt the creativity that calls to me”



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Oracle on Business May 21

may 21


What is it that you are ready to birth? 

Are you ready to breathe life into a new idea?

Your astute business sense is calling you forth; it is time to listen those whispers in your ear telling you of the direction that is open for you in this moment. This draw tells us of the positive direction your intuition may lead you in your business endeavors. The energy is definitely there for birthing those ideas that are calling you to action; listening to your gut, taking the experience that you already have and the knowledge from where you been, knowing that this is the right time to bring this idea to fruition..


“Failure is only a notion perceived by those unwilling to try”


Wishing you a most brilliant day


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