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Where has loyalty found you? How have you offered loyalty? Today we celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. This invites us to wake up and see things clearly as the sun will shine upon us with …

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Do shadows bring darkness? There is a time of darkness on the way, revealing shadows. This may seem counterintuitive.

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Are you ready to take decisive action? You do know that the time is now, don’t you? In the center of the cards is antelope; and antelope offers wise words calling to swift action.

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Has your loyalty been tested? Have you seen an example of loyalty to the bitter end? This morning I am using two Oracle decks and asked the question; what will next week offer?  The decks I use are the Medicine …

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Are you watching someone sacrifice what is important to them; for you? Can you step back and see the bigger picture? I call on the Transformational Tarot this morning to glean insights on the weekend to come.

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Where do your talents lie? What is it that is holding you back from achieving your potential? This morning I pull three cards from The Power Deck, asking the questions what it is, and what will it be in the …

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Are you ready to open your eyes and see your role in a dynamic situation? Can you let go of fear and ego to see reality? This morning I draw a single card from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle. This card …

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Are you feeling your strength today? Are you allowing your heart to open? Today is about walking in your own strength. This is a perfect time to let go of your small ego, embracing where your heart wishes to travel, …

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What is it that you want? When the opportunity is offered to you will your eyes be open? This morning I draw three cards. I was only intending to draw one but my guides made it clear that there were …

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Are you wishing to be seen? Do you feel the compulsion to connect with another? This morning I open to the cards to see what this day may be. I am using the Medicine Cards and the Voyager Tarot to …

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