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Oracle Blessings, January 24

This morning I share my personal reading with you. Exploring the cards for personal insight is something that I have done quite often for a very long time and this practice I have found very enlightening. I do recommend this practice of personal exploration to anyone interested in expanding their connection and vision. I share with you my birthday reading unfiltered just the way I received it..

As I emerge into a new way of being, what is it that my passions will create?

January 24

There have been many things put into motion, promising things full of insight and adventure, for this weekend it is for me to contemplate the path that I am being lead down.

The path ahead will be lit by passion and community. This is a place for me to examine my role in the greater gathering. Even if I walk my path in the singular fashion I will never be alone.

What is it that I see as I look around me?

Opening the heart to divine guidance and critical examination will be of great benefit as desires and enlightenment come into sight. This calls me into places of deeper reflection and ceremony.

What is it that I feel as I open my heart completely to what is offered freely?

As I fall into creation it is to fully let go of some of those things that brought me to this place, allowing them to depart in the spirit of love and joy for all that they have offered. Creation, art, community, will all be part of this transformation. It is certainly time to look at things from a different perspective.

How will the change of scenery enlighten my own inner vision?

I have been offered many gifts and insights, and now is the time to open my hands freely and offer what I have learned to the community that I am part of. There’s a positive transformation already taken place, and many of the insights that I have been given are pieces to the puzzle of this transformation, not only for myself but also for those around me.

Can I wrap my head around the role of teacher?

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

~Paul Ryan~

What is hidden is the wisdom of diplomacy. With the deeper knowledge and deeper understanding of the places that I travel also comes responsibility to treat every situation in a kind and loving way, knowing that there are times when the feather has much more weight than the hammer.

What is yet to be revealed is how the whispers from the ancestors will lead me to that place of self-nurturing. This speaks to finding a place of personal strength that will serve not only myself, but the greater good as well.


What I see reflected in the cards for myself this morning is exploring a place in the greater community that serves not only the community but the individuals as well. Many people gathering together all individually powerful and assured finding a common goal and with skill and determination combining talents to transform the world that surrounds us.

As I ponder the question of what is my role in this community I share with you my mantra this day:

Ceremony calls

Inspiration falls

Whispers heard

Listening I learn

~Dana Nöllsch~



Dana’s Cards, January 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing several Oracle Readings for friends, clients, and students regarding the year to come.

This morning on this first day of the New Year, I share my own personal reading of the year to come with you.


What doors will be open in the coming year?

What memories will be made?

January 1-1

This first layer looks at what will be remembered at the end of this year, the significant events and energies that are yet to come.

To follow my heart will prove to open doors and show possibilities.

There also promises to be a time of feeling lost, perhaps this is a time of an attunement and shifting perspectives. This will prove to be significant and memorable.

Heaven is in the breast eternity is now

My heart will open up with greater insight to the struggles that many are facing, offering a lending hand and the support when I can.

What I will create will come from within, a deep place of shadow and magic.

And my thoughts, dreams and connection to source will bring me to a deeper understanding of the balance of the world around us and especially the balance of the world within me.

The hidden challenge will be keeping true to my intent. Perhaps it is for me to keep a clear head of where I am going and what I wish to accomplish.

Ultimately what will be remembered as significant in the coming year considering all that has been shown so far is creating space for something to grow and flourish? Being part of the community cultivating more than at this time we can even imagine.

January 1-2

This second layer will shed light on the start of the year. The year will start out with intense self-discovery. It will be for me to go deeper into who I am than I ever have before, this does sound a bit daunting, but the doors that will open promise to show amazing enlightenment just on the other side.

What will be revealed is how wounded my heart and soul is at this moment. The self-discovery will shine light on the shadows and places that are crying out for balance and transformation.

The hidden message may be the true depth of unconditional love. I believe this will come to light on how I interact with community, friends, lovers, and all the people who come to me for transformation and enlightenment.


You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself

~Alan Alda~

January 1-3

The third and final layer speaks of the end of the year. By year end there will be great strides in discovering my true purpose. The path to get there is a bit unclear, but keeping a pure heart will do much to light the way. To get to this place of discovering my deeper purpose there will be challenges to overcome; the challenges will be my own self judgment, fears, and doubt of my own self-worth.

The hidden truth that will be discovered by the conclusion of this year is the completeness of where I will be. Not that there won’t be many more miles to travel, but that I will reach the space of balance, understanding, and indeed having space to breathe.

Ultimately by the end of the year the deeper meaning of nonjudgmental acceptance and union will be made just a bit clearer.


As with every year we have the pleasure of living this gift of life there will be joy and heartache, pain and pleasure, failures and triumphs, love and loss, and so much more. The cards tell me that my key to experience this year to come fully is to go inside to discover my true self and follow my heart to dance in pure joy with all who walk this path of living a vibrant and fulfilling life.

~Dana Nöllsch~


Dana’s Cards. October 8

As we feel the moon energy rising and we prepare for tonight’s Full Blood Moon I am compelled to share my full moon reading with you. Perhaps you may find some wise council there as well?


 As the Blood Moon is here what is it that I fear?

October 8b

The ancestors teach me much about fear. Revealing the cycle of birth, life, and death. They show me that this is the time for me to fully embrace life and all the gifts offered.

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”
~Deepak Chopra~

Alchemy invites blending, and with this blending comes balance. The blending of moon and spirit, adding the catalyst of intention, will create the balance that opens to pure freedom.

This moon offers a Clearer sight into what has come before. Remembering the vivid dreams that I’ve been offered and the brilliance that their messages contain.

Tonight the moon is full, offering her wisdom as she shines her energy freely upon all of us. She offers open connection, trusting, without fear she invites us to open to her message.

Will you join me in basking in energy of the moon? Inviting the ancestors to join us in celebrating the blending and balance of the divine and the sacred.

Freely I share my full moon mantra:

Her fiery red passion shines

Guiding me to transformation


What did you take with you as you read these words?

The moon invites you to rejoice and dance to the music she plays.

~Dana Nöllsch~




Dana’s cards, September 26

Today I am compelled to share a portion of my personal Oracle draw. I have found the insights and discovered as I do my own personal daily draws to be invaluable at times, as well as difficult at other times. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions about what you read here or if you wish further insights for your own journey.


Is there someone in my tribe who is in need of nurturing today?

september 26


Today I am visited by Raccoon, raccoon tells me to be aware of those around me and their needs. Raccoon is the protector and defender, that may be a role that I am called to play in the days to come.

Dreams are a doorway to the insight offered by our guides and angels, filtered and obscure at times, but always worth listening to.


As I go deeper into this draw, I discover change energies. Embracing my own strength and abilities will bring these change energies to light. Many of the answers that I seek are to be found in Dreamtime, and an opening to dream, time for the next few weeks these changes may be embraced, and with this empowerment. By the time of the next full moon transition will be underway indeed.

I share with you my mantra this day:

Today I dance

And I transform

Offering what I can

And opening to what is offered

~Dana Nöllsch~