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Oracle Love Blessings for September 7

What is it that compels you in love?

september 7

This may be a time to rest easy, and to be proud of what you have accomplished in relationships. Remember the Joy you have felt in connection with others and know there is more Joy offered to you.

At this time you may be easily led astray. Trust your gut instinct and intuition when you encounter yourself at a crossroads.

Have you followed your intuition only to see a pot of gold at the end of the path?

Your intuition is strong, and a great deal will be offered to you during the week to come as long as you listen to your own wise counsel.

Even in a time of peace what worries plague your heart?

The troubles that your heart feels are more than just thoughts and emotions, they take up energy and space that may be freed up to draw in what you truly desire. Before letting go of what it is that plagues you, acknowledge the driving force behind those thoughts and emotions. It may seem that there is so much for you to do, but know that all is within your ability to accomplish.

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?’

~Igor Stravinsky~

With all of this being said, it appears as though this will be a week of quiet transition with the potential for self-discovery.

I offer you this loving mantra:

I stop for a moment to remember

Past loves that’s filled my heart

I acknowledge what is holding me back

Letting go and drawing in abundance of love

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Love Blessings for August 31

Kindness given will surely be returned.

August 31

The Willow spreads its roots far and easily in the quest for moisture. This easy way of nurturing will serve well in relationship with your beloved.

The path of the week to come cries out for communication and cooperation. Even though the heart may be traveling be sure your hands come back to creating with your beloved. In the planning and communicating that is ahead of you, this week may bring completion of a cooperative project, this can be a celebration for you and your beloved.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
~Andrew Carnegie~

What is hidden is the strength of abundance. As we know abundance comes in many forms.

What will abundance look like for you and your beloved in the coming week?

What will be revealed is a time of rest and nurturing for you and your beloved. Quiet time together strengthens the foundation of a relationship.

With vibrant roots my heart offers you this mantra:

As our words flow together

Building to a symphony

Love is the song that we sing

Joy is the emotion it brings

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Love Blessings for August 24

Do you give yourself permission to speak your own truth?

August 24

Delicious conflict maybe on the way. There is no need to shy away from heated words; energetic emotional exchange offers growth and understanding as long as ego is set aside and loving thoughtful self-expression is allowed to flow free.  Conflict can be the catalyst for growth. Indeed the creativity of love and conflict may shine in the days to come.

“Conflict is indeed an element of love and should not be avoided but embraced with joy and wild abandon”

~Dana Nöllsch~

Even in conflict relationships need to be honored, be sure to take the time to shine your light on your Beloveds. What is waiting for your discovery is that the light your Beloveds will shine upon you.

I offer you these words as a mantra for this loving day:

My words have power

My power comes from love

I listen with intent to the words of my Beloved

We share and love with joy and heat

Coming together with deeper understanding

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Love Blessings for August 17

Do you feel reluctance to open your heart?
August 17.jpg

The path of love is leading to swift change. The heart may feel conflict with the actions that may be uncomfortable to oneself or another. Indeed this is a time to be steadfast and resolute to what calls to the heart.


“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


Are you nurturing the garden of love?

What is hidden are the distractions; allowing the energy of love to flow freely in the direction of joy without being sidetracked by the illusion of pain Will indeed serve the true destiny of love.


I offer this Mantra with an open heart:

On the swift wings of the Dove I fly

Joy guiding my path

My heart open and free

I see love ahead of me


Oracle Love Blessing for August 10

august 10

Is passion calling you to move forward?

This may be a time to get out of your own way. Living your passion in your daydreams will only serve to keep you stagnant and empty. Your passion deserves to be brought to reality, perhaps your reality is now. Nothing will be given; everything is yours if you’re willing to do the work.

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

-Nelson Mandela

There is a door opening that will offer joy and nurturing to your heart. If you choose to walk through this door passion will flow into your soul as well as into another’s heart. Listen to the wise council offered by a kind hearted man and keep your wits about you as you may become a runaway train fueled by pure desire.

Are you ready to work to receive the passion that is offered?

Do be aware as you walk this part of your journey that there will be sorrows as obstacles, these sorrows can and should be worked through and not hidden from. On the other side of this part of your journey promises joy and oneness with your beloved.

I offer this mantra from my heart;

“As I let go of my fantasies and open to my reality

  The true freedom of self-love becomes my joy”


Oracle Love Blessing for July 20

july 20


What is it that you are nurturing?

Do you have a definition of “nurturing”?


Today the lovers Path tarot cards speak of nurturing and transformation.


Look to where your love energy is going today; is there a balance between giving and receiving?


“We all need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”


Transformation calls to you, the challenge of this time may in fact be the pursuit of joy. There is a balance that begs to be fulfilled. The balance of nurturing and being nurtured but also looking to the future for the balance that calls to you. Communication and planning will open the doors for success and prosperity.


Nurturing relationships, free and open communication with your beloveds may open the doors to abundance, drawing in the harmony of pure joy.


I propose this mantra with a free and unencumbered voice;


“I speak my truth

Sharing my thoughts

Of a joyous tomorrow”


Balanced as I dance in the rain



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Oracle Love Blessing for July 13

July 13

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you think of love and you close your eyes what do you see?

When you gaze upon love and close your eyes what is it that you think?

Open your eyes to see what is been inside of you all this time. The awakening of love may not come from outside influences but the awakening of love may come from inside of your hearts. As your heart awakens your heart beckons the love that you desire to come into your life..


The trials that your life path has taken you through have brought you to this point. All that you’ve learned and all that you’ve experienced will color the next steps you take as you walk your path.

Balance and synchronicity will serve your heart well. Any relationship that feels unbalanced may need to be looked at and reevaluated.

The longing that you feel for a new beginning may cause your head to spin out of control. The energy of what is to come is quite intoxicating..


All of this brings us to the week to come. The energy will certainly be right for introspection and the heart may be open for new energies. As your heart opens that energy will call in what you desire. It may be a good idea to know your desires; this is where the introspection comes in. Know what you want or take what you get..


What does it look like to have a heart that is open and full of promise?


What is hidden is the energy of family and the desire for family energy. This is a good time to make plans on starting a family that you see in your dreams..


What has yet to be revealed are the distractions that are keeping you from what it is that you desire. What is done is done, let it go, it is now time to move forward and except the new gifts that are offered to you freely..


With love and joy I offer you this mantra;


“I awaken to the desires in my heart

I open the love that is offered”




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June 29

What would you surrender for the one that you love?

What would you invite the one you love to surrender for you?


Ideally love would require no surrender or sacrifice at all. But as in every relationship there may come a time for give and take. The love energy for the week to come may call for surrender or sacrifice for the greater good of the relationship. This may not work for you, but be aware of the greater good, as always you are at choice, be true to your heart..


The path ahead promises abundance and joy.

The heart feels a new energy for partnership.

And there is conflict in the head.


What this means is there may be a tendency to overthink and over react. Allow time and space for the energies of conflict to dissipate before reacting..


Is your heart ready to open and allow the new energies of partnership and love?


These energies are not necessarily for new love but may be for the love you already feel for another. Doors will open enticing you to venture to new place just on the other side..


What is hidden is the abundance that you already have. In the week to come find space and time to be still and quiet and think of all the blessings you have been offered..


What has yet to be revealed is that your intelligence will serve to counteract your emotions when it comes time to honor love. Honoring love may be the highest calling of all..


I propose this mantra with all the joy and love I feel in my heart;

“I offer of myself freely for the one that I love”





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June 8

Is this a time for you to see beyond the masks the others wear?

Is this a time for you to remove your mask for others to see you transparent and beautiful?


New beginnings at times call for old stories to be put on the shelf. Never forgetting the past that brought you to this place but also remembering the path you’re walking is new and untried.


A great gift is about to be presented, keep your eyes are open and you may see this gift for what it is. A heart open to new love energies dances into your view and these energies may bring a dynamic partnership opening to creativity. Do be aware that ego may come up in this partnership, this is a challenge to be overcome but more importantly this is a great gift to learn from and this gift offers the potential for wonderful expansion and growth in more ways than can be imagined.


Still hidden from your view is the clarity of your mind and how you will see the bigger picture from the eagle eye view. Be patient, all will be as it’s intended to be, relax and allow your love to flow.


I offer this Mantra on this Sunny Sunday morning;

“I create in partnership

 I expand in cooperation”


With my heart on my sleeve



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May 18

What is it you dream of when love comes into your awareness?
Is there passion in every breath you take?

The energies of love and intimacy wish for us to remove our masks, to display our wildest authenticity, to acknowledge our passions and desires, and to open ourselves to receiving love and joy. Our willingness to be seen transparently invites joyous celebrations, especially when we align and join in communion with our soul-community. Being caught up with too much rationalization (judgment) will just cloud our receptivity. The path of the heart remains true. All of this sounds like a delicate balance of what seems to be opposing forces at times, and yes, it is.

Can you remove your masks and open your heart to another, even with no guarantee of reciprocity? 

In the days to come you may discover doors opening, revealing beauty and joy. Perhaps a door may allow you access to a dream you’ve nurtured. You must be willing to risk the safety of your heart. There are no guarantees, but the joys you receive with one as loyal and transparent as yourself may be profound. You are worthy of love. The Universe will return to you that which you give. There is plenty of time, and no need to hurry.

I offer this intimate mantra:
“I remove my mask for another to see me. I open my eyes and heart to see and feel others as they BE.”

Transparent and True
~Dana and Denise~

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