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ZenNews, May 19

Welcome to the Zen Group newsletter for May 19 2015.

As I look outside this morning and see the rain and clouds offering us much needed water; I am thankful for all the gifts that Mother Nature provides. Connecting to the earth and nature’s cycles are such a part of a balanced and healthy life A few days ago was the new Moon, a great time to let go, and now the moon is waxing. The waxing moon is a great time to draw things in, create what it is calling to you from your heart and soul.


What is it that you would like to create?

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ZenNews, May 8

Welcome to the first Zen Newsletter. This is one of the ways that we communicate to our friends, clients, and associates. Here is where you will find out what classes and workshops we have coming up, what projects we may be working on, and some of the things that we can offer to help you succeed in the life that you are creating. We hope you will take some time and look through this newsletter. We are giving a short message for each of our divisions of Zen, and also adding a link to our calendar which has our events but also our community events that you might find interesting. We are also including links to some of the blogs that we have written over the past couple of weeks.

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