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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for November 19

An unseen/unknown fact has been greatly impacting your experience. Are you prepared for revelations?  Today is one for consciously seeing all who grace our paths as mirrors. Where we see inner and outer beauty in others, so is it true

Oracle Blessings, November 11

Are you feeling the pressure of a difficult situation? Dragonfly visits us today to tell us that with Grace and guidance we will transcend this difficult situation that lies in front of us. The dragonfly shows grace and happiness being

Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for November 5

We are once again blessed with the insights of  our guest reader Denise. Today she offers a powerful message of full moon energy and new beginnings,,   What and who do you respect and revere from an empowered place? Where

Oracle Blessings, October 3

Diane is today’s guest reader. What do you feel as you read today message?   Oh Ah Oh feel that tingling in my toes… creeping up into my limbs till my brain freezes. Such tantalizing delights with all the ability

Healing/Wholing Shamonic Reiki Oracle Blessings for October 1

Oh gosh, this one is particularly long and deep, but so much in alignment with the cosmic energies and the way we are supported now in deepest healing. My Guides want to offer all of this to you, and so

Oracle Love Blessings for September 21

Are you compromising for the sake of love? In the relationships with our beloveds; there will always be compromises, but if these compromises are unbalanced for too long a time, then the energy and passion in our relationships will be

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Oracle Blessings for September 20

What is the fire that is burning in your soul? Creativity abounds today. Allowing creativity to express itself in its many forms will feed the fires that burn deep in the soul. There is a Shadow side to creativity as

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Oracle Blessings for August 28

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” ~Walt Disney~ Rune is our guest reader for today. He is a long time Tarot reader with deep skill

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Oracle on Business August 11

Is your business being nurtured and loved? Perhaps this is the time to get back down to basics. Complacency and routine are some of the things that invite weakness and vulnerability in your day to day routine. Remember the reason

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Oracle on Business July 23

What are the important traits of a successful entrepreneur?   Playing on your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses may open up ways of being that will serve you and serve those who enter your life.   Do you have a

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