Dana’s Cards. October 8

As we feel the moon energy rising and we prepare for tonight’s Full Blood Moon I am compelled to share my full moon reading with you. Perhaps you may find some wise council there as well?


 As the Blood Moon is here what is it that I fear?

October 8b

The ancestors teach me much about fear. Revealing the cycle of birth, life, and death. They show me that this is the time for me to fully embrace life and all the gifts offered.

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”
~Deepak Chopra~

Alchemy invites blending, and with this blending comes balance. The blending of moon and spirit, adding the catalyst of intention, will create the balance that opens to pure freedom.

This moon offers a Clearer sight into what has come before. Remembering the vivid dreams that I’ve been offered and the brilliance that their messages contain.

Tonight the moon is full, offering her wisdom as she shines her energy freely upon all of us. She offers open connection, trusting, without fear she invites us to open to her message.

Will you join me in basking in energy of the moon? Inviting the ancestors to join us in celebrating the blending and balance of the divine and the sacred.

Freely I share my full moon mantra:

Her fiery red passion shines

Guiding me to transformation


What did you take with you as you read these words?

The moon invites you to rejoice and dance to the music she plays.

~Dana Nöllsch~