Dana’s cards, September 26

Today I am compelled to share a portion of my personal Oracle draw. I have found the insights and discovered as I do my own personal daily draws to be invaluable at times, as well as difficult at other times. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions about what you read here or if you wish further insights for your own journey.


Is there someone in my tribe who is in need of nurturing today?

september 26


Today I am visited by Raccoon, raccoon tells me to be aware of those around me and their needs. Raccoon is the protector and defender, that may be a role that I am called to play in the days to come.

Dreams are a doorway to the insight offered by our guides and angels, filtered and obscure at times, but always worth listening to.


As I go deeper into this draw, I discover change energies. Embracing my own strength and abilities will bring these change energies to light. Many of the answers that I seek are to be found in Dreamtime, and an opening to dream, time for the next few weeks these changes may be embraced, and with this empowerment. By the time of the next full moon transition will be underway indeed.

I share with you my mantra this day:

Today I dance

And I transform

Offering what I can

And opening to what is offered

~Dana Nöllsch~