Love Blessings, March 15

From which side of the mirror do you gaze?

March 14 2015

This morning we ask the cards about love and relationship in the week to come. The cards that we are using are the Vintage Wisdom Oracle and the Tarot of Transformation.

How we look at the world around us is so very subjective, and how we see the relationships that we are in is also very subjective. The cards remind us this morning that ultimately we are at choice to be happy and fulfilled or to be miserable and wanting. Make your choice, and own the outcome, and always remember that you can choose again.

During the coming week find time to play with your beloved, the simple act of play may heal some of the wounds that you are feeling.

This may also be a great time to embrace what you may perceive as chaos, but if you look deeper it may be the beginnings of balance.

Looking to those around you for support may also prove to be very beneficial.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through’ narrow chinks of his cavern

~William Blake~

What is yet to be revealed in the week to come is how soft touch will bring harmony and balance and a deeper connection. Look to your beloved with soft loving eyes, and share with a loving gentle voice.

Looking from a different perspective, I offer you today’s mantra;

As a child would I embrace play

Inviting my beloved to join

Relinquishing the need to control

Finding Harmony and desire

~Dana Nöllsch~