Love Oracle, December 14

Do you feel as though you are walking a tight rope?

Could you use a helping hand to balance as you journey across the precipice?

december 14

Today we draw one single card; taking a look at what Love may offer in the week to come. The card we drew represents the love between Venus and Vulcan, opposites coming together to balance each other and offer support to accomplish what they could not do alone. For you as you walk the tight rope this week, reach out your hand to your beloved and allow them to offer balance. In turn they may reach their hand out to you when they feel uneasy footing, be there for them no matter what it takes offering your support and love as they will for you.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
Carl Jung

If you are searching and open for someone to enter your life this card reminds us that at times opposites do attract. Be open to someone who has talents to offer that may be opposite but complementary to your own. This will not make for an easy relationship, but it certainly will bring vibrancy to what will come.

Opening to the blending in relationship will bring to light the shadows that are most often left in the dark. The light of another this week will call to you, the time is right to allow that light into your heart.

Are you ready to blend with another in ways that will bring light to the dark?

Walking the tightrope this morning I offer you today’s mantra:

Appreciating the talents of another

I reach out my hand

Offering love and support

An opening to balance

~Dana Nöllsch~