Love Oracle, February 1

What is your fondest memory of love?

February 1

In the days to come memories of love past may enter your thoughts. There is more to this than just reminiscing, there is also building intention for what it is that you wish to draw into your life. There are many great lessons for you of what it is that you desire. Remember, there are always two sides to the coin, there’ll also be memories of what you wish not to bring into your life once again. The shadow of disappointment teaches as much as the light of ecstasy.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it


With a loving heart and memories of joy I offer you today’s mantra;

I close my eyes and remember the words

Still ringing soft and sweet in my ear

I close my eyes and remember the kiss

The sweet taste still on my lips

I close my eyes and remember the touch

Skin tingling even now

I close my eyes and remember the feeling

Loves delightful joy

~Dana Nöllsch~

One response to “Love Oracle, February 1”

  1. SleepyPagan

    Thank you for the sharing of recall. This is a very important tool, as it helps us remember what it is to love