Love Oracle, January 4

Tonight we celebrate the Full Moon, the Wolf Moon. Feeling her energies and opening up our hearts to the light that she will shine upon us.

This Wolf Moon will activate emotions and if allowed may also invite conflict. Be aware of the energy you share as the wolf influences your words..

Today we consult the cards about love in the week to come..

 What is the path to opening the heart to the full potential of joy?

Are we prepared to loose ourselves even for just a moment to pure joy?

January 4

Unconditional love opens pathways to the heart triggering joy and abundance. The path to experiencing this unconditional love starts with finding that unconditional love for oneself. In the week to come we may let go of the fear of the negative emotions and allow ourselves to feel without attachment. Along with what we may feel are negative emotions; we may also experience a connection to our higher selves. Freeing our heart from the burden of fear we will create more abundance and allowing a deeper connection to our beloved’s and even our guides and angels.

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place

~Zora Neale Hurston~

As we are freed from the bounds of fear the messages will become clear. In the week to come it is time to listen to this higher guidance and heed the whispers without the chains of fear true heart consciousness may be within our grasp.

What is hidden is where the true beauty lies. This may be found with communion with nature.

Within our hearts lies a beautiful forest, complex, and inviting.

What is waiting to be revealed as the fire within us connecting us to the divine. Indeed, it is time for that fire to shine. We may be called to express our inner passions and desires in the days to come, honoring ourselves and our beloveds sharing only with a pure heart our thoughts, emotions, and passions with the ones we love.

I open my heart without fear and offer this mantra:

Fear binds

Fear slows

Love frees

Love enlightens

Today I am love

~Dana Nöllsch~