Love Oracle, November 2

Are you ready for the love in your life that you desire?

Is your heart willing to open up, both to receive and offer that love that you desire most?

November 2

Raven tells us that great magic is coming, it may not be understood or predictable, but indeed it is offering much. Even though this magic may not be for you to control it is definitely for you to accept and perhaps even influence the course and direction that this magic will take you. This is a time for you to be clear on what it is that you wish to bring into your love, be it communication, passion companionship or perhaps pure joy.

Passing into higher forms of desire, that which slumbered in the plant, and fitfully stirred in the beast, awakes in the man.


The cards are telling us to not only be open to what you wish to bring in but to be supportive loving kind and generous in your relationships. This is the time to be active and vibrant, showing up in the biggest way that you can for the ones that you love. This positive, outgoing energy on your part may be the catalyst that brings in more love and energy on the part of the ones that you love.

Do not fear, showing the depths of your affections, and have no expectations of anything in return. This freedom for you will allow freedom for others to join you in this amazing dance of passion.

My heart opens to today’s mantra:

My passion and love is for all to see

No longer hiding behind a silk curtain

Transparent and open is who I long to be

Knowing the ones who love will follow me

~Dana Nöllsch~