Love Oracle, October 26

Is it passion that you seek?

October 26

Passion is just part of the relationship. The deeper parts, the foundations, are to be honored in this time. Time built these foundations, the trials and tribulations make for a strong footing, and the joys and pleasures build beauty and substance. The branches are the passions that are alive and vibrant calling in the light. Certainly the passions are the places that bring health and vitality to the relationship, but the foundation keeps the relationship strong and centered. If lacking passion or the strong foundation the relationship may wither and die.

Sometimes you must be strong enough to admit your limitations. Honest enough to say, I don’t know. Have courage enough to admit when you’re wrong. Have faith enough to hold on. Have wisdom enough to know when to let go.

There is certainly a time of some turmoil in a relationship, but the hope is to work and with caring thought the foundation can be built stronger, albeit perhaps quite different. Forgiveness and generosity is what should be offered as well as understanding and kindness. This is a time of choice, and a time of change. This is not the time to forgive unconditionally, but it is a time to reconsider and embrace the changes that must take place. An ending or a new beginning awaits, but make no mistake the time for change is now.

When was the last time you flew on the wings of pure passion?

Is that what you desire to embrace again?

That pure passion only comes from a balanced, sustainable relationship. This does not mean the relationship is forever; but this does mean that in this moment the foundation is strong enough to hold up to that beautiful passionate energy that will surely test its strength and sustainability.

I offer you this mantra as my heart beats faster with the memory of passion experienced and the desire for passion anew:

The passion we share

Unbridled and free

Lifts our wings

And lightens our souls

~Dana Nöllsch~