Oracle Blessing, April 29

What is it that you want?

When the opportunity is offered to you will your eyes be open?

April 29 2015

This morning I draw three cards. I was only intending to draw one but my guides made it clear that there were two more wishing to speak.

We have seen so much energy for change, and talked about it at length. Again this morning there is a reason to talk about the change energy, but with this difference, there is a catalyst to the change that may make itself apparent today or in the next few days.

If your eyes are open; you will plainly see this. If your eyes are closed; this catalyst will just pass you by.

Opportunity is often difficult to recognize; we usually expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards

~William Arthur Ward~

If you choose to embrace what is offered there will be a time of forward movement without question. This may challenge your ability to trust, but it will open you too so much.

I would have to say the ultimate definition of the change that the cards speak of this morning; is knowing yourself on a deeper level. For better or for worse this will be an opportunity to eventually see who you are without filters, this can be enlightening and perhaps also a bit frightening as well.

With eyes open, ready to see the opportunity that may present itself today; I offer you this mantra:

What will the catalyst be

Will it be presented for me to see

I open my eyes wide

Knowing I am ready to see deep inside

Both the beauty and the darkness

That makes me who I be

~Dana Nölsch~