Oracle Blessing, February 6

Today I am using a new Tarot Deck. The Voyager Tarot. I am finding the symbology very deep as you may find as I interpret this morning’s reading.

Thank you Jann for this amazing Tarot Deck.


How have rhythms played a part in your life?

Have there been times when you wish you could’ve changed the cycles of your own rhythm?

February 6

As you walk your path today, you may find that the path gets narrow. This narrower the focus will serve you well; this is not the day to be easily distracted.

Community calls to your heart, cooperation and teamwork are offered freely. This may be the perfect time to think of the bigger picture, what it is that you cannot accomplish by yourself.

The answers to what it is that you are creating may not come easily, but indeed this is one of those times where it is not the destination that is important but the journey.

Your mind may be a bit open today to the effects of those around you. This is something to be aware of especially if negativity from those around you creeps into your own thoughts.

Music and rhythm find their way into secret places of the soul


All of this leads us back to our own rhythms. What have you noticed in your own repeating pattern that brings enjoyment? What have you noticed in your own repeating pattern that has brought sorrow?

What is hidden with all of this is your opportunity to learn much about yourself and with that learning making a discovery of the fears that keep you on your own repeating pattern. Perhaps this is the time to embrace the rhythm of love and let go of the rhythm of fear.

As I feel the rhythm of the Moon diminishing her light I offer you today’s mantra;

As I listen to the rhythm of the music

I open to the knowledge of self

With no room for judgment

I get to know myself on a deeper level

~Dana Nöllsch~