April 2

As you look back what do you see?

As you look within what does your gaze behold?

Where we come from sets a tone for the life we create. If your ancestors were farmers you may find that you have an affinity for playing in the dirt. When you look back at where you come from what do you see in yourself that mirrors your family history?

Today may hold a place of challenge, bringing emotions to light. Fear may be one emotion that comes to you, this is good. You may choose to play with this fear knowing that there is no real danger; much like a carnival ride today may draw out screams of panic and giggles of pleasure. What you may find at the end of your day is an ancestral strength just waiting to be discovered..

Today’s mantra offering sunshine angels:
“As I walk I am protected, as I feel I am nurtured, as I plan I am with my tribe. Part of all who came before lives inside of me, today is a celebration of all of us blended as a cosmic tribe”