Today we have a guest reader, Denise Sheehan. Denise has been walking the spiritual path for quite some time and she offers so much insight and wisdom.


Are you open to comfort and support?

Are you listening to wisdom from unlikely sources?
The cards today reflect what we are noticing and what others are sharing with us. Whatever has been left untended in the internal garden – anxiety, hopelessness, self-doubt, etc. – becomes more and more painful to bear, begging for love and release. We may feel we have nowhere to turn for solace of our weary souls. Nothing is wrong with us; All is well. We are being attuned to a new way of living in the light, and all that is shadowed within shows itself for the purposes of our healing. We are being born to a higher purpose, expanding into our journey as light-workers. What will fall away, will fall away. We are free to choose ease. We are free to walk in faith.
Your mantra today, Beautiful Angels, “Today I find uncommon support and wisdom from unlikely sources. I embrace my path. I love who I BE. I am safe and protected. I am whole and healed. I AM light and love.”
So much love, so many blessings ~ Denise