april 18

I see the presents under the tree

Pretty wrappings and fancy bows

Is there one that calls to me?

Unwrapping to what will be



What comes to you in fine wrapping and pretty bows?

Do you tear the paper away? Or carefully remove the disguise to be used again to hide what lies inside?

The gifts offered are certainly worth unwrapping, discovering what lies beneath the pretty colored paper may certainly surprise. As the illusion is slowly ripped away release the expectations of will be found. This is not the time for judgment but this is the time to discover and this is certainly the time to expand the vision of all you observe..


Inspiration is offered from what is no longer there, look to blood lines and memories. The spirits whisper and offer no more than what is capable of being accomplished in this moment..



I offer this Mantra to start your day:

“Hearing the paper ripping, discovering what is hidden beneath. Feeling the joy of discovery I open to what will be”


Dancing with spirit



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