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April 19

Have you looked upon what is before you in awe and gratitude?
Can you go with the flow and be happy with no control?

There is beauty in letting things be just how they wish to be. Relinquishing influence and allowing the day to unfold in a natural way.

The path ahead calls to creativity and beauty.
The heart filled with words and meaning.
The head reals with thoughts of magic and wonder.

Today is a great day to find time to be alone in the park, walk and enjoy this time with yourself. Allow thoughts to drift and emotions to flow. There is a release waiting in this time and in this place, the beauty of your surroundings may be eclipsed by the beauty found inside of oneself..

What has been hidden is the door that is open and ready to be walked through. This time alone today may allow one to see that door and the pages of life waiting to be filled with brilliant words and amazing stories..

What has yet to be revealed is the rhythm to dance to. Listen to the music as you enjoy your day, letting the feet to guide the way..

A spring Mantra to start this day:
“My feet take me, the birds show me this bigger picture. Alone, finding myself more than I was. Today hiding nothing and allowing my heart to flow free”

With so much love

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