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April 25

Close your eyes. Listen close. What song do you hear?
Can you feel the joy in the music?
There are times when joy is offered freely, perhaps mere moments, perhaps lifetimes. Today is a day of pure joy offered in abundance..

The path comes to a crossroads: Right, Left, Forward? How delightful the choice..
Heart energy pulls wise council from your elders. Listen close..
Spinning in the head are thoughts of deeper meaning and discoveries, waiting to come to light..

All of this opens the door to joy. Look inside. What do you see?
Are you ready to walk through?
As with any emotion that comes, vibrant and big, there can be resistance. Even the “positive” emotions can feel off-putting. As you embrace joy as deeply today as you dare, be aware of your resistance to feeling deeper. What can you learn from this?

Oh.. one more thing; Make a new friend today..

I offer this mantra as I look out my window and see the rain falling without a care:
“I have the courage to be happy today, I am happily courageous.”

Enjoying the rain

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