April 26

How will you be nurtured today?
Will your dreams energize and be nurtured as well?

Being nurtured often invokes feelings of guilt, unworthiness to obtain such a gift. This may keep one small and empty. Nurturing is a need all humans crave, need, and desire. To be truly healthy opening to these needs is often a must..

Today may carry the feeling of obsession, the overwhelming need to obtain that dream that occupies the energy of this day. There may be feelings of going to the dark side to obtain these goals, this is ok. Obsession, reflection, and time come into play today as well as playing in the shadows. Today dancing in your shadows will be quite enlightening indeed..

How will you allow your shadows to nurture you today?
How will you nurture your shadows as well?

Today I offer this mantra:
“Today I open to obsession, shadow and memories knowing that nurturing my soul is allowing all that I am to shine”

Playing in the shadows

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