April 27


What have you learned of love?

What have you learned of yourself?


Each experience teaches us, growing and gaining knowledge that will light the path that leads to the Joy and the love that is offered. Sometimes the hard lessons are the ones to be headed first..


The path leads to clarity and the ability to bring the lessons learned to bear when facing the next crossroads..

Heart energy calls for security but also forewarning of repeating patterns that will not serve the path ahead..

Thoughts in the head are building a map of the path that wishes to be traveled..


Today take the lessons you have learned, the joyful and the painful, and blend those lessons with what has been discovered of yourself. This will give you a deeper base of intention when you come to the next crossroads on your journey..


Hidden from the view is the inspiration, clouded and obscured with self-doubt. As the clouds lift revealed will be the joy of oneness with another, even if just for a moment, celebrate..

Today’s Mantra, Inspired by the purity of love:

“In my journey I have learned much of love, joy and pain and so much more. I cherish every moment of discovery and welcome every new moment with open arms and a nurturing heart”


Offering this with all the love in my heart



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