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April 30

Do you feel that you can play well with others today?
Can you celebrate their victories?
Often being part of a group with a common goal shines light on the individual. The feeling of isolation may be part of this experience as well, surrounded by many yet feeling alone. In the isolation there are lessons to be learned, and in the light there is much to be taught..

How will being a part of the group feed you today?
Today creativity knows no bounds, limitless and free. Allow your creativity freedom, no matter the outcome. Even in the group you are free to express your individuality and today the energy is with you to go big..
What is it that holds you back?

A creative Mantra for you today my friends:

“The pallet is full
Colors aplenty

The canvas is blank
Waiting for the layers

Brush in hand
Starting the day

Red or blue
I cannot say

Let’s just behold the beauty
At the end of the day”

With a pallet of many colors

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