Oracle Blessing for August 9

august 9


This weekend we welcome the Full Moon, the Sturgeon Moon as this is a great time to catch this powerful fish by the light of the moon.


What will the moonlight reveal?


As the light of the full moon touches and guides you, so do your spirit guides and angels protect and light your way.


As you explore your vision what is it that you see?


You are invited to gaze upon the obstacles that stand in your way. As your guides walk with you whispering wise counsel traveling on your path, so should the obstacles that you perceive to be in your way be invited to travel alongside as well. Today there is no reason to overcome these challenges but to learn from them in the spirit of cooperation. With this there will be strength in celebration, harmony in the joy of song, and the discovery of strength.


“The moon was reigning over their world, glowing its full splendor to all those willing to look up.”
― Irina Serban, Full Circle


Today’s Mantra offering;


“The dark of night will not touch me

  Moon shining bright to guide me”