Oracle Blessing for July 12

July 12


In the Celtic tradition the full moon we are experiencing is the Moon of Calming.

What does calm feel like to you?

What is it that you are experiencing in this moment?



Freedom to be truly in the moment, this is the gift that this day offers. Free from self-judgment and fear. Every sensation beckons to be felt to its fullest. Every moment offers many sensations.


You may discover a certain pattern to today, this feeling of organization may serve you well.

The desire to nurture may be with every beat of your heart.

There may be a time for you to remember, a moment from the past that may be very relevant in this moment.


With all this being said today promises to be soft and contemplative. Much discovery may come in moments unexpected.


What is hidden for this day is the underlying desire to “blend in” and be part of the crowd. There are truly times when this serves well, allowing quiet contemplation.

What does blending in look like for you?

How can you learn from being part of the crowd?


Today is a good day to reveal the secret you have held tight for so long. Look to one who understands you and who you can trust, letting go of what you’ve held onto for so long will do you good and free blockages that may be holding you back..

Who is your secret keeper?


In this moment I freely offer you this mantra;


“As I walk I feel the ground under my feet I feel the sun above my head

As I walk I feel the breath that I take I feel my heart beating strong

As I walk I feel this moment vibrant and Rich”


In this moment