Oracle Blessing for July 22

July 22

Have you been asking for greater prosperity and abundance? What are you learning about yourself? What gets in the way? 

You may feel conflicting energies today, with literal power surges in moments of confidence. You may also notice self-defeating thoughts and fatigue. All is well, and your noticing of your patterns, thoughts and beliefs will lead to greater awareness, which will in turn strengthen your capacity for engaging the law of attraction.

In essence, on deeper levels, you are awaking a keener connection with your intuition and your passion. Your powers of attraction will be well served by your inspired actions. Trust your journey, in all of its perfection.

This will not be a ho hum day. InJoy!

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “I am a spark of genius. I am the essence of creative love. I am worthy. I say, ‘bring it!’”

In bliss and love ~ Denise
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