Oracle Blessing for July 8

July 8

Today we are honored to have Denise Sheehan share her morning draw with us.

Denise is a Reiki Master Teacher, Conscious Evolution Coach and Shaman.. and she has been an amazing support to me on my journey..

How are you honoring and expressing the sacred masculine within you?

How are you honoring and expressing the divine feminine within? 

You have been dreaming and desiring, refining your intentions and goals, sharing your love and light in the world…

It’s time to take your manifestation to the next level by balancing your energies within and by aligning with the spiritual energies which support your journey.

These particular archetypes offer his specific counsel to guide your next steps in creating a life of greater ease and abundance:

King of Wands asks you to embrace your spirituality and creativity. Also acknowledge your leadership potential and be willing to show up in service to others, offering compassion and wisdom when welcomed to share. Be aware of any tendency you may have today to stubbornness or temper tantrums. Let go of the need for control. Being a leader doesn’t mean needing others to follow. It is simply the path of the heart.

Queen of Discs invites you to deeply connect with your own life force. She encourages expression, not just of thoughts, but of your sexual nature too. Allow those energies to rise, alone or with others, to cleanse and nourish your bodies in the most delicious ways. Sexual energies may be demeaned in many ways in our culture, perhaps because they are so healing and empowering.

Will you dare to express your true essence today, as an integrated being filled with feminine and masculine energies, wisdom and creativity, nurturing and intuition, love and joy?

Are you also willing to share your struggles with vulnerability, in service to others and yourself? 

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “Today I honor and express my divine essence, naturally and easily.”

In bliss and love ~ Denise
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