march 19In today’s evolving world, we are exploring and healing the often misunderstood concepts of divine feminine and sacred masculine. We all embody both, regardless of our gender. Today’s oracle invites an inquiry and expression of key concepts that help to illuminate the emerging new paradigm of the sacred masculine. There are some ideas to consider of “his” sacred expressions. The sacred masculine: * cultivates inner beauty as much as outward expressions of attractiveness, courage and strength * feels connected to the earth in killing, cultivating or harvesting what is needed to survive, finding joy, honoring and gratitude in expressing strength and cunning * expresses joy, desire and authenticity as a sensual, sexual being, embracing both the giving and receiving aspects * accepts the dualistic nature of the Universe, embracing his roles as protector/destroyer along with his need and desire to be nurtured, in other words acknowledging the divine feminine that dwells within the power center of the sacred masculine * acknowledges oneness with the elders and ancestors, along with all of life * is willing to dwell in physical and non-physical realms, to be the practical agent of change as well as the mystic, shaman, or priest * fearlessly voices Truth from the essence of empowerment and confidence, allowing sound and song to serve as agents of transformation, surrendering ego to the higher calling of the divine * opens his heart chakra, in willingness to be and to express his vulnerability, even in the face of threatening emotions from within and without * is willing to dream his own dream, not surrendering his Self to family, tribe and community, but sharing his vision with passion and delight, but without attachment or ownership * invites rites of passage that honor all the generations that have been and all those to come, to honor the sacred masculine and divine feminine for all of time immemorial Your mantra today, Warriors of Light: “Today I acknowledge that I am both Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Today I celebrate the light that shines beautifully through me, as I allow my expressions of the Sacred Masculine to add healing to the archetype we all share.” ~ With love, honoring and encouragement for your own healing and discovery ~ Denise & Dana