March 28

What direction will you take?

Who will travel this path with you?

What are you waiting for?


Who we choose to have in our lives colors our path and feeds our soul.

Those who choose us to be part of their lives are truly gifts from spirit.


Relationships hold energy today and the path ahead holds much guidance to those relationships. Impatience and dissatisfaction will not serve this energy but may be a part of this day’s journey..


There is much discovery in dream time. This may seem to be a place of hidden insight but as the moon energy wanes, the gifts of insight are strengthened. Look to the new moon energy for clarity..

What have you felt in your dreams?

What have you taken away?

Who has joined you as you dream?


A sleepy mantra for you this day: “My insight is strong, walking with purpose. I know the direction to travel today with my favorite ally by my side”


One foot in front of the other smiling all the way