March 31

How will you start your day?

What comes into your field as you wake may set the energy of the day. Dance to the music playing in your head, sing as the eggs fry, and smile to the people who love you, especially the one gazing upon you in the mirror..

Today may not be the day to seek control, you may choose to be the observer and go with the flow. There is much to be learned as you open your eyes to the scene played out in front of you..

As your day closes look back. Were there any lessons to take to heart? You may find that today has offered much more than you thought..

This Mantra is offered for you this day:
“My heart beats strong as my feet fall one in front of the other. My breath deep as I take in all that is offered. Today I am the leaf floating on the stream, happy”

Dancing and Singing as the eggs fry