May 1


Can you go deep into your strength?

Are you cultivating the spiritual warrior you are destine to become?

The warrior shows their sword only when all else fails. The spiritual warrior has many more skills and seldom draws their sword, but fully prepared to do so when called forth.


Conflict takes on many faces, what face are you showing?

Today is a day to laugh at the energy of conflict. Take the day to cultivate calm and peace allowing the energy of conflict to pass right past you. You are at choice to engage, today think twice before you let anyone harsh your ride.


The energy of the waxing moon leading to the Flower Moon in a few weeks is a great time to call in that which you desire to bloom. Each morning call in what you want and each night close your eyes and see your goals coming closer.


I offer this peaceful mantra for this day:

“Anger will not touch me, joy fills my spirit. Today I honor myself with love and honor others to walk the path of their choice”


Feeling the calm of this day



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