May 14


Before we get into the draw for today I just want to mention that there will be a full moon tonight. This moon is known as the Flower Moon and in addition to signaling blooming, the moon will also obscure Saturn as well. Early today, Wednesday morning (May 14), the Flower Moon will slip in front of Saturn, covering it from view for about an hour. This will be best viewed from the southern hemisphere.

Now to today’s draw..




What are you thinking?

Do your thoughts have a hold on you?


There are times when distractions cloud the mind. The distractions keep the pieces of the puzzle from being able to be put together, thoughts disconnected with distractions keeping the thoughts from connecting and energizing..


Today keep in mind what you wish to accomplish. Do your best to let the distractions fall away and see the pieces of the the puzzle for they are finding the shapes and the edges so that you can put them together. As the picture comes clear and the puzzle pieces find their places, you may see the true value of what is in front of you the colors and the shapes bringing to light the true beauty of this gift of life..


I offer this mantra for this day:


“I see what will be

 I feel what is

 And I remember how I got here”


Playing with the pieces of the puzzle



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