May 15


Do you know someone who could use your nurturing today?

Are you ready to reach out to them?


The rhythm and the balance of life sometimes bring in the need for nurturing or perhaps the desire to nurture. Being open to others when they reach out to you or being willing to reach out to others is part of this balance and rhythm..


The energy of today may lead you to want to take the next step in your journey. This may also include opening yourself up to nurturing another. Be aware of the rhythm of this day as the moon starts it’s waning course; this is a time of contemplation, quietness, and opening up to
ideas that may color the future. One thing that is true this day is to be in the moment whatever that moment offers, do not dwell on the past and do not stress about future. Dance to the music offered without hesitation..


I offer this mantra with comforting joy:

“I hear the music in my head I feel the hands of my dance partner, in this moment I am perfectly tuned to the rhythm of this day”


With a loving smile


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